Best Mind Power Motivation Speech

Best Mind Power Motivation Speech

Just about everybody that you encounter is often going through something that may not be obvious from the outside But they’re facing a battle on the inside everyone that you come across is facing some type of battle in their life.

I hope that you’ll embrace That you have no idea What God might do through a single word of encouragement You have no idea How God could use you to offer someone hope To build someone’s faith and I don’t know about you, but there is so much negativity in the world today.

I can’t open up my social media feed without being discouraged I can’t read a news app without just being depressed I can’t talk to people with all the heartbreaking news of the world without being disheartened and so many people in a polarized world can be so incredibly critical so undeniably hateful I think it’s time that we as believers step in and lift others bring words of hope to bring words of encouragement,

Because the words we speak are filled With power our words can build up or our words can crush in fact scripture says in Proverbs 18:21 that the tongue has the power of life and of death I want my words to build your faith to strengthen your confidence to believe that God is for you that he’s with you that he’ll never leave you he’ll never forsake you he’s working in you If it were up to me I would encourage you and build your faith because everyone you see It’s facing a battle that you don’t know anything about The scripture tells us that life and death is in the power of the tongue.

That makes total sense because if you’ll just take stock for one second and look back over your life I guarantee you that every one of us in this room has got at least one instant in our life where we know we have seen the power of the tongue produced death to relationships death to jobs how many people you know have been fired because of their mouth How many marriages have been destroyed because of mouths because of the tongue So let’s use our words to benefit us.

Let’s use our words to make the world around us better Let’s use our words to make our relationships better Let’s use our words to bring life to our marriage life to our kid’s life to our jobs life to our minds life to our families speak words that edify speak words that build up to speak words that embrace speak words that forgive speak words that love speak words that heal Words are full of power.Best Mind Power Motivation Speech

They can heal they can wound. They can minister death. They can minister life They can encourage they can discourage they can build up they can tear down People get divorces over words Families are split apart over words people lose jobs over words People have insecurities and a poor self-image over words that have been spoken to them Words are containers for power and we need to choose our words very carefully and it’s time for us to Step up to the plate and be accountable for the words.Best Mind Power Motivation Speech

That we allow coming out of our mouth No man can tame the tongue we need God’s help So you want to pray every day for God to help you with your mouth We are constantly speaking words and Even a few can have the power of life and death now some of you know this because you grew up in homes Where a few words spoken to you had the power of life or had a power of death and you can remember those words just three or four words that may be a parent a teacher a sibling a friend a coach said to you and it either brought some life or brought some death into your world one of the best things you can do for your relationships if you’re married If you have children if you’re a leader or an influencer at work If you have someone in your inner small group is to bless them with words of encouragement Set theBest Mind Power Motivation Speech

blessing free You encourage what you want to see And you typically see more of if it were up to me, I would be so encouraging You to think something good Say it. You think something good says it In a world full of so much criticism so much hatred so much disappointment so much negativity as people of the light Will lift up others around us So Genesis 1 the Bible tells us the earth was formless It was empty or it was a void and it says that darkness was over the surface of the deep So there was just nothing there was nothing and then verses 3,

here’s what we read and God said maybe your translation says and God spoke So God speaks into the nothingness. He speaks into the darkness and he says let there be light and there was light and so at the very beginning of time God creates the universe but how does he do it.Best Mind Power Motivation Speech

What tool does he use he uses words. He speaks the universe into existence God says and it is and we see this throughout the creation account God said and it and it and it happens he speaks it and so God uses words To bring about life and light God uses words to build up to create he speaks into darkness and he says light and lights come on And so we see from the beginning the power of words that words are the tool that God uses Flip over a couple of chapters Genesis 3 And in this passage we see that words have the power of death.

And so this is the passage of scripture Where sin enters into the world God has created man and woman He said that it’s very good now Satan comes on the scene in the form of a serpent and verse 1 tells us that the serpent was Clever more clever in fact than any wild animal. Best Mind Power Motivation Speech

God had made and what did he do he spoke to the woman and he said do I understand that God told you so he speaks and when he speaks he Attacks what God has said And do I understand that God told you not to eat from any tree in the garden and then He would go on to say hey God didn’t really say that So what does the enemy use the enemy uses words To bring death to where there was life and to bring darkness to where there is there was light now here’s what’s interesting of course is that the serpent’s words were not true, Best Mind Power Motivation Speech

but that didn’t keep His words from having power right like the moment Eve Adam and Eve Speak the words in their own hearts the moment they believe those words they give life to them. They empower them So God speaks the serpent speaks and we just see from the beginning. There’s the power of life.

There’s the power of death God speaks and he creates and he builds and he blesses the enemy speaks and he temps he accuses he deceives he destroys It’s hardwired into the universe the power of words Am I speaking life or am I speaking death into the world around me You know it’s so amazing the power of this tongue And James chapter 3 he illustrates it this way in verse 3 He says when you put bits into the mouths of horses to make them obey you can turn the whole animal He goes Or take ships as an example though they’re large and driven by strong winds They’re steered by a very small rudder wherever the pilot wants to go Likewise the tongue is a small part of the body,

it makes great bost Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark The tongue also is a fire a world of evil among the parts of the body. Best Mind Power Motivation Speech

It corrupts the whole person It sets the whole course of his life on fire and as itself set on fire by hell My tongue right now could be set on fire by hell Was does he mean by that? That satan himself could influence what I have to say The words coming out his mouth could Come straight from Hell itself And anytime I use this mouth to tear someone down guess who’s in control of my tongue at that minute.

Hell Anytime I use this mouth To do anything but to bring glory to God who’s using this when I’m bringing glory to myself using this? It’s Satan. He’s got control of it You and I We have the ability to have our tongues set on fire by Hell to say things that actually pulled people away from God It’s a dangerous thing. That’s what this passage is about. It’s like do you know how powerful you are? And in verse 9 he says and with this tongue, Best Mind Power Motivation Speech

We praise our Lord and father and with it, we curse men who’ve been made in God’s likeness And what this verse says is We can’t praise God with your mouth and also curse men and then he says who have been made in the likeness of God And what this passage is saying is do I ever have a right to curse anyone That was made in the image of God And I don’t want God seeing me on this earth cursing someone that he loves It’s about the love you’re caught you don’t have a right to hate anyone that God created And use this mouth to curse anyone that God wants to be saved I mean really the heart of God is Romans 5:8.

These people are rebelling against me, but I love them and I love them so much that I’m gonna pursue them It’s not about God looking down and going, man. Look at them rebel against me. I’m gonna curse them No instead I’m gonna send my son down and show love to them and save them And in the same way as a reflection of Jesus Christ. I’m supposed to look at those who are antagonistic toward God And love them and pursue them and save them and pray for them, but not curse them You know,

he uses this idea of he says out of the same mouth, you know verse 10 Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing my brothers this should not be He goes you can’t use this mouth to praise and curse Understand when we became a believer. We said got God here’s my tongue And then every once in a while we go wait God give let me get my tongue back for a second let me use it I’m gonna let Satan borrow it for a little bit here Satan. Go ahead. Okay, use my tongue now,

let me gossip Let me say some things that aren’t true. Let me slander something. Let me put some people down Let me you know do this do that with this tongue and then we come back, okay God I’m done with it you can have it back you just gave that to Satan To borrow for a little bit and then you give it back to me and you take it back he goes you can’t use that same you can’t let us both use this tongue Man whose is it? Best Mind Power Motivation Speech

Out of the same mouth you can’t have blessed and cursing Why do blessing and cursing come out of your mouth? Because there are blessing and cursing in your heart. You need a new heart. You need God to change who you are This message is not about biting your tongue and offering lip service I need you to change my heart. I don’t want anything to come out of this mouth That doesn’t honour you This tongue was created by God.

God made it Colossians 1:16 says all things were created by him and for him Why did God make this tongue? To praise him I really believe that we open doors for the enemy through complaining. God gave us our mouth for one reason and that’s to glorify Him You have a mouth to glorify God Amen, and that’s what we need to use it for I think so often we talk more about what the enemy is doing than we do about what God’s doing We don’t need to talk fear. We need to talk about faith.

Why because our words are powerful Our words are containers for power Your words can carry your faith to the kingdom of God and release Angels to help you or your words can carry your fear to the kingdom of darkness and just release more trouble in your life And what would happen if certain words that we spoke to people they would just show up on that person And they were just always there we would be careful with the words we spoke because we we wouldn’t take them lightly we would understand the impact that they had that did they don’t just go away And the Bible helps us understand that that our words have that kind of power and most of us could probably Give some examples of words that were spoken to us that have been tattooed on us in some way or another And they were spoken perhaps impulsively or carelessly or thoughtlessly Bible says proverbs 12:18 the words of the reckless the words of the thoughtless the words of the careless pierce like swords They they do more damage than we realize but the tongue of the wise does what it brings healing and so with our mouth we can destroy or with our mouth we can heal we can bring life That through Jesus he can speak life where there is death. He can speak light into darkness His word is more powerful than any other word any word that you’ve said to yourself any word that’s been spoken to you his word overrides that And so we listen to his word and we speak his word and then we believe his word And then we watch and we see what God does??.

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