Best motivation god for student

Best motivation god for student

God has got a wonderful life planned for every single one of you God has got a wonderful life planned for you. You do not have to sit in the audience of life And watch other people have a good life And think it’s only for them and not for you God has got a good life for you and it is never too late to begin again,

It is never too late for a fresh start You can begin again And you never know on any given day when you get up exactly what God may lead you to do That day I have the opportunity every morning To get in the trash can with the devil Or to remember who I am in christ And to think about things that are going to minister life to me not things that are going to minister death to me What if you took a couple of minutes every morning before you leave the house and say what God says about you Make this declaration of faith. I am blessed. Best motivation god for student 

I am a child of the highest God when you wake up Before you read anything else before you look at your phone, you read a portion of scripture before you get out of bed That’s making his word the first word You’re going to be amazed at how much this simple habit will strengthen your life You’re going to find your patience going up You’re going to find your Anxiety going down It’s going to make major changes in your attitude. It will strengthen your life And it will bring the blessing of God in your life.

When you get up in the morning You ought to open the word of God. Oh, well, I don’t necessarily need that. Yes, you do And unless we’re anchored in the word of God what’s going to happen is we’re going to find ourselves giving in and so What’s the anchor Or what anchors you When a storm hits you what anchors you or you just drift along with it The word of God is our anchor You wake up in the morning and you read what you need Where are you struggling Don’t make it a religious thing. Best motivation god for student 

Just make it a reality. Are you discouraged Are you dealing with fear read what you need when I wake up in the morning I have a bible reading program that I read through the bible in a year But many times if I’m struggling in a particular area I’ll go to that particular scripture Or that text that says what I need And I read what I need and then what you do is that you just bring it up load your mind with a scripture When the devil attacks your mind You have a scripture loaded in your spirit For whatever it is that he’s attacking you with And when the devil attacked Jesus Jesus said it is written Jesus had scripture loaded in his spirit the devil attacked him and he said Get behind me Satan for it is written Best motivation god for student 

And that’s what you need to say to him the next time he attacks you Wake up and speak God’s word every morning Just for four or five minutes wake up and speak God’s word and just see what happens I know some of you are sceptical you don’t think there’s much to this. It feels perhaps to you like Self-empowerment or self-reinforcement. That’s not what this is I’m not saying speak your words I’m saying speak God’s word over your life Speak God’s life and light over your life and your relationships over your attitudes Over your decisions God says his words are like His word is like seeds that get planted and bear fruit and that they always bear fruit his words always bear fruit They never return void. They never come back empty whenever you plant. Best motivation god for the student 

the seed of God’s word It’s going to bear fruit And and so that’s what we want to do We just want to start planting some seeds and for some of you you’re going to plant some of the seeds in God’s word And the fruit’s not going to come right away and you’re going to feel like it’s not really making any kind of difference or impact I’m saying just try it Just just try this for a little while. Speak God’s word into your life plant some of these seeds See what happens The enemy will try to start your day off telling you that your sins Uh have condemned you that there’s no coming back that you’re a prisoner of your past and so For some of you you need to start your day off . Best motivation god for student and you need to just speak this truth over your life I am not condemned by my sin today I have been set free by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ The Bible says in Romans 8:1 there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. I’m not condemned I’m not a prisoner. I’m not going to live like it today The truth of God’s word is that I’m set free, so I’m going to live like a free man And the enemy will try to wake you up and speak words of hurt The enemy wants you to have a hard heart and bitterness towards others. And so he’ll remind you of pain that was caused to you And hopes that you will bring that pain into this next day And so for some of you you have to tell yourself this I tell myself this sometimes I have plenty of grace to give today Because I have received God’s grace because I’ve received God’s grace. I’ve got grace You need some grace. Best motivation god for student 

I got grace to give you I’ve got so much grace from God I have it in abundance to give to anyone who needs it today because there’s something within me that is Wanting to speak a different word often times the words I’m telling myself is I don’t got anything left I’m empty. I feel frustrated. Best motivation god for student 

I don’t have much patience left That’s not true the truth is I am a child of God who has been filled with the grace of God And I’ve got it to give And so you speak this truth Into your life. It’s not wishful thinking it’s not self-empowerment It is you speaking God’s truth into the darkness The enemy might try to tell you that you don’t have a purpose that you’re wasting your life At your job or your school, you don’t have anything special to offer and so you tell yourself at the beginning of the day I’m going to make a difference today BecauseBest motivation god for student

I know that today God has already prepared in advance for me the work he has for me according to Ephesians 2 I’m going to claim that on my way into to work or when you’re going to school The enemy will constantly be putting words in front of you that will cause you to feel stressed and worried about what’s happening In the world or what might happen wants you to live in fear, but we speak God’s truth when we say today I’m not anxious I’m not worried. I’m not weighed down That is not who I am. I have cast my burdens on the lord and he cares for me First Peter 5:7 We say from Second Timothy 1:7 today I’m not afraid I’m not weak. I don’t have the spirit of fear I have a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline I’m not afraid I have the spirit of God’s power in me. Best motivation god for student 

. That’s who I am because of Jesus If we think about problems and sad things and negative things It advert motivation god for student easily affects the release of our joy, but I’ll tell you something that does release joy and that’s hope Hope is such a powerful word No, hope is an aggressive expectation that something good is about to happen to me at any moment Hope is about your expectations. So let me ask you. What are you expecting? From life. Best motivation god for student

What are you expecting today Psalm 119:147 I rise early To cry out for help And to put my hope in your words He says I start every morning Talking to you I cry out in prayer and listening to you I read your word And he says I look for the hope in your word If you feel pretty hopeless about your situation, you’re not spending enough time in the promises of God Because they’re there he says I start my day with hope are you starting your day with hope or with despair? Best motivation god for student 

Get into agreement with God and you will see amazing things happen in your life I do not have one day of my life that goes by that I don’t confess the word of God out loud Every day of my life I mean every day I still say I am the righteousness of God through Christ I am a new creature in Christ. Old things have passed away and all things become brand new All through the day I am well able I will overcome this obstacle.  Best motivation god for student 

I will defeat this sickness. I will rise out of lack and struggle When you think like that the creator of the universe goes to work Miracles are set into motion There is no victory in life without a fight There is no sunrise without a night There is no purchase without a cross And there is no crown without a cost Your life embraces faith and you wallow if you wallow in doubt You will never celebrate victory Satan attacks every person that God is getting ready to promote when God gets ready to promote you No one can keep you down. Keep your head up. Keep your eyes focused Turn it on the cross focus on the word Take this put it in your mouth speak it and believe it and you will achieve the impossible dream. Stop saying I can’t Get it out of your mouth get it out of your mind There’s nothing you cannot do if you and God are doing a righteous thing the impossible can be done.  Best motivation god for student 

It can be done. It can be done. Stop saying if Say I will by God’s grace Stop saying it’s impossible. Nothing is impossible to those that believe Nothing Stop saying I don’t know the right people, you know God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit those people have lots of power Don’t look at how big the problem is. Look at how big your God is. He parted red seas He closed the mouths of lions. He brought the dead back to life. That obstacle is no match for him He didn’t bring you this far to leave you when you believe All things are possible to get your thoughts going in the right direction The scripture says thanks are to God who always causes us to triumph Not some of the time not most of the time but all of the time It may be tough now,  Best motivation god for the student 

but keep the right perspective Victory is in your future healing is in your future Abundance breakthroughs freedom is coming your way Yes, the giants may be big but our God is bigger Nothing in the world can take the place of divine persistence Talent will not anything in the world is more common than unsuccessful men with talent Persistence and determination alone Will reach the goal Life is like a wheel barrel you get nowhere until you start pushing press on Press on press on you fall down get up. Best motivation god for student 

Try again You fail to forget the failure is a great teacher wash it off and keep moving until you reach the objective Adversity exposes your thought life toward God adversity comes to all men The brightest crowns that are worn in Heaven Have been polished and glorified through the furnace of tribulation and adversity Gold is tried in fire and the righteous are tried in the furnace of adversity Adversity does not make a man either weak or strong but it reveals what you are Proverbs 24:10 if you faint in the day of adversity your strength is small Second Corinthians 12:9 my strength is made perfect in weakness Why because you’re not doing it in your strength, you’re doing it in his You’re not fighting this battle on your own.

You have the most powerful force in the universe fighting for you He’s pushing back forces of darkness keeping that sickness from taking you out moving the wrong people out of the way Negative thinking is contagious All around us. There’s negative news how bad the sickness is how bad the economy is Analysts telling us what could happen If you keep dwelling on that, then you’re going to end up afraid worried panicked thinking you’re not going to make it When you think like that, Best motivation god for the student 

it’s a negative cycle that keeps drawing in more fear more worry more defeat Do not fear anything except the Lord God Almighty If you fear him, you need fear nothing else. He will keep you safe I wonder how many times we’re telling ourselves what we can’t do When the truth is you have already been equipped to handle it You have strength for all things when God created you he put in you everything you need to fulfil your destiny Now quit telling yourself what you can’t do and how it’s not going to work out The way to get in tune with God is to think what he says about you not what you feel,..Best motivation god for student 


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