complement everybody you get around find something

you Set your mind every morning I’m gonna be a peacemaker and a maintainer of peace I’m gonna be adaptable. If I don’t get my way then I’ll just adapt and be happy anyway And extremely important Galatians 10 be mindful to be a blessing Spend a little bit of time every day thinking about something you can do for somebody else and do it early Set your mind to complement everybody you get around find something Nice that you can say to them.

We think sometimes That’s that’s a nice outfit you got on or boy your hair is pretty well why not open your mouth and say so what you think doesn’t bless anybody

Tell em The more you compliment other people the better you feel Make your mind up to compliment the person that you’re married to at least five times today Do you know your marriage could be saved if you’ll do that And not only that people will respond to the positive

things you say to them and they’ll start wanting to make you happy You can’t just complain about everything you don’t like Be mindful to be a blessing. Come on. I dare you every morning to think of somebody that you can be a blessing to I suggest starting every day saying God, I am absolutely nothing without you. I can do nothing without you. I lean entire

ly on you today I am desperate without your help And really no matter how many victories I’ve had in the past that doesn’t guarantee me a victory today if I’m not leaning on God today

Lean on God yesterday doesn’t help me today. I have to lean on God today You have weaknesses You have limitations. God has no limitations, but we have limitations So you say Lord, I’m weak in this area. I need your strength I believe you’re changing me every day, and I’m not going to spend today Worrying about what I did wrong yesterday I trust you to strengthen me in my weakness That our weaknesses really don’t have

to make that much difference if we know how to let God fill our weaknesses with his power We get to overwrought about what we can’t do And we don’t get excited enough about what God can do You see no matter what you can’t do or what I can’t do God can do And miracles don’t

come in cant’s they come in cans. Well, we get what we believe for Let’s start believing that the power of God is available to us To see miracles in our lives and in other people’s life. We’re not gonna have a miracle that we don’t believe for miracles We have to believe in the miracle-working power of God When we go to God each day The right attitude is God. What is it you want me to do? What is my assignment? Not giving God orders telling him what

Show me the best path Show me how to overcome this problem.

Show me how to accomplish my dreams God wants us to rely on him not some formula thinking well If I do this do that and do the other

then God will bless me if that’s all it took.

We wouldn’t really need God David understood this principle in 2nd Samuel 5 He had just been made king over Israel when the Philistines heard about it They came

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