Top class motivation for student

Top class motivation for student

He works in your mind It’s the battlefield in every person’s life Whatever goes on right here is going to affect every single aspect of your life Satan wants to control your mind The world wants to control your mind And there’s a battle for the way you think Why because whatever gets your attention gets you The mind is the battleground where satan tries his level best to take control of our lives.Top class motivation for student

The devil’s out to destroy your future He’s trying to ruin you He’s trying to he is trying to render your life so ineffective and so ugly that you will never win anybody to Christ That’s his job.

That’s what he does Satan’s wants to pull you one way God the other Satan has never done you any good He’s lied to you deceived you and made you promise not a single one of them has ever come true The devil is a liar The father of lies How quickly do we recognize an enemy attack How long do we put up With the devil’s nonsense before we even bother to say I know what you’re trying to do and you’re not going to do it No matter what lie you tell me this is what God’s Word says and that is what I believe Satan comes to kill steal and destroy, Top class motivation for student

But Jesus said I came and I’m so glad he did I came that you might have and enjoy your life and have it in abundance to the full until it overflows Let’s learn how to do what the Bible says in 1st Peter 5 resists the devil at his on set The best time to win the battle is before it begins Psalm 119:112 I have made up my mind to obey your laws forever No matter what Until you come to that point you’re just gonna keep stumbling and stumbling and stumbling and stumbling I have made up my mind That’s a choice I have made up my mind to obey your laws forever. Top class motivation for student

No matter what Now let me be real clear satan cannot force you to do anything If you’re a Christian you have the Holy Spirit in you satan cannot force you to do anything Because greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world but he can make suggestions and those suggestions are very very powerful And he is constantly Continually planting negative thoughts in your mind The moment you wake up he starts dropping little seeds

You’re not gonna have a good day today Life is gonna really be bad Nobody’s gonna like you and you got to start getting all of this talk going on in your brain and he starts giving you all these reasons to give up and you haven’t started the day yet and he’s just constantly dropping thoughts when the devil gives a thought we call it temptation when God gives a thought we call it inspiration. Top class motivation for student

And not just there’s an external war for your mind But there’s actually an internal war in your mind We know what to do. We know what to do right but for whatever reason, we still have this urge to do what is wrong Here’s the good news God has given you everything you need to win this war to win the battle in and for my mind I must have God’s Spirit and God’s Word inside me If I depend on my own personal power and energy to handle this I’m gonna lose because I don’t I’m never gonna win this war on my own strength. Top class motivation for student

You need two key weapons to win the battle in my mind and for my mind, I must have two things God’s Spirit in me and I must have God’s Word in me Because without the Holy Spirit inside you without God’s Spirit of love inside you you’re powerless There’s no way you can control the rogue mind that you have your sinful nature controls your mind It’s going to lead to all the wrong places So I need God’s Spirit in me the second thing.

I need is the Word of God The Bible says in John 8 verse 31 to 32. Jesus says this If you learn and obey my word You will be my disciple Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free,

isn’t it interesting how the world loves that second part but doesn’t like the first What they don’t put is the verse before where Jesus says it’s my word If you continue in my word you listen to you live in you do you practice my word then your my disciples. Top class motivation for student

And then you know the truth and the truth will set free. We want the truth without God’s true God is the source of all truth And so you can’t separate verse 31 and verse 32, there is no freedom without truth But there is no truth without God’s word. The truth is right here in this book God’s given it to us And so the mind is very important.

can be easily deceived by the devil Unless you fill it with the truth of the word of God Surely we can learn to compare our thoughts to the Word of God and if what we think does not line up with what God said we can say I refuse to think that that is not my thought and I am not going to take ownership of it The more you think about something the more it becomes a part of you and you’re gonna think about something anyway. Top class motivation for student

So you might as well think about something that’s gonna do you some good and produce some good fruit in your life What is it that determines what I think Is it the Word of God or is it something else I read something else that I watch and I think about how many people sit down and open their mind To a television program. Watching  the news or whatever it might be Not realizing they are sitting there being  programmed in their mind to think a certain way And I want you to listen carefully,

Because I want you to be programmed to think the way God thinks Programmed to understand the Word of God Programmed in such a way that you will live in a fashion that’s pleasing and honourable to God How we think what we choose to think about is one of the most important things in our life and I’ve determined that I want to have a beautiful mind I want to have a mind that glorifies God and I want to think beautiful thoughts I want to think good thoughts about people we don’t need to think judgment and criticism And all kinds of junk about people think about all of our problems all the time of what we don’t have to Change your thought life and you change your world.

So the question is, what are you putting into your mind? Pick up the good news feed your mind on the peace of God If I want to think right if I want to think Godly if I want to think holy if I want to think righteously Right here’s where it starts And many people lose it right here. They don’t think right They don’t think Godly they don’t think like they’re worth anything and they say well,  Top class motivation for student

you know I just never had the opportunity or I just never will be that or I’m just this and I’m not that Don’t think less of yourself than God thinks and he died for you. No matter what somebody else says about you You are a child of God Once you’ve trusted Christ as your Savior So we’re the ones who determine what we’re going to be and so forth Because it’s the way we think and this is why people can come from nowhere the worst kind of situation circumstances. Top class motivation for student

You’d think they never amount to anything in their life and they excel excel excel beyond even their imagination what they started thinking rightly about themselves and about the Lord and about his place in position in their life God is far more interested in changing your mind than in changing your circumstances We want God to change our circumstances We want him to take away all the problems all the pain all the sorrow all the suffering all the sickness all the sadness And God says yeah yeah.  Top class motivation for student

I know that’s important but really more important than that is what’s happening in you And I’m far more interested in changing your mind before we change your circumstance Because nothing happens in your life until you get the renewing of your mind No transformation takes place no change takes place in your mind or in your life until your thoughts begin to change And we can’t control everybody else in control of all of our circumstances but we are going to respond to circumstances in one way or the other and so when I think about How this affects us,

I think about the fact that many people are where they are Because of wrong thinking and so they don’t like where they are other folks are where they are because of right-thinking Any change that I want to make For good or bad it all starts in your mind change starts in your brain Not in your behaviour change starts in your cerebellum, not in your circumstances Change starts inside you, not outside you You don’t start by changing your behaviour You start by changing the way you think about whatever you want to change it all starts in your mind. Top class motivation for student

Our mind is the control tower of our life Whatever happens in our life starts right here. All of our decisions are there and the truth is whatever we are today is the result of what we’ve been thinking about all those years The Bible says as a man thinketh in his heart. So is he So if you don’t like what’s going on around you, maybe you should ask yourself the question. What am I thinking about? What do I think about myself and what do I think about other people? Because what we think about is really what controls us, for example, our relationship to God Our relationship to each other Our sense of direction in life, whatever we accomplish our failures in life. Top class motivation for student

All of that is a result of the way we think If you rehearse all your problems and make a mental list of them and think about what you don’t have you’re gonna sink You can think your way right out of bondage we have the mind of Christ 1st Corinthians chapter 2 says we have been given the mind of Christ that means that we can learn to think like Jesus thinks When you trusted Jesus as your personal Savior he gave us the power. Top class motivation for student

we’ll have all the knowledge that he has But he gives us the right and the power to think Godly as his creations. So we have the power to think right We have the gift of Almighty God and someone to protect us in the process We should be thanking God’s thoughts. What does he think? How does he want us to think? How does he want us to live? And in the process of doing so remember this when you’re thinking his thoughts you’re thinking the most powerful thoughts there are when you’re thinking his thoughts your thinking Top class motivation for student

and beginning to see what he’s thinking about you And when you focus on what God thinks about you that he loves you that he’s forgiven you that he cares for you that he wants the best for you things begin to happen in your life Set your mind on the things above not on the things that are on earth, which is an awesome statement set your mind You’re gonna set it on something set it on things above things that are holy and righteous and good and Godly and helpful Whatever we put our mind on. Top class motivation for student

That’s what we’re gonna go after so we have to learn how to think things on purpose That is gonna benefit us Think about Jesus you’ve heard that old cliche you become whatever you think about most Well, you think about Jesus guess what you’re gonna become like Jesus Think about eternity that there’s more to life than just here and now The problem that we do today is we have short-term thinking we only think about what’s happening right now Colossians 3:2 let heaven fill your thoughts.

Do not think only about things down here on earth King James Version says to set your minds on things above, not upon things on the earth let heaven fill your thoughts First Corinthians 2:9. No eye has seen no ear has heard and no mind has imagined what God has prepared For those who love him Think about that When you start thinking about that all of the problems little nitpicky problems in your life are going to seem so inferior compared to the glory the joy the pleasure the enjoyment The things we have to look forward to in eternity Remember this You decide who you want to be You decide what you want to accomplish You decide how you want to live all right here.

you decide whether you want to be accepted or rejected You make a lot of decisions in your life all right here and I remember right here is the battlefield in your life You have to decide right there What kind of life you’re gonna live What kind of future you’re gonna have and he says if you’re wise You’ll make right decisions, it’s my prayer you make the right decision wise decision And you’ll be glad. Top class motivation for student

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